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About me

I am an experienced Southern California photographer with extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients—from architects, advertising agencies, and design studios, to various consumer publications. I enjoy the variety and the challenge of tailoring my work to meet each client’s unique needs. While always attuned to my client’s vision, I also look for the hidden, unexpected vignettes that can become essential elements of a project—those unforeseen happenings that make for a fully realized result.

Equally balancing the creative with the technical, my team and I bring a high level of expertise and passion to all of our commercial work. A partial list of current clients includes Stantec Architects, Hensel Phelps, US District Courts 9th District, BAE Systems, Sharp Hospital San Diego, California West Communities, Platinum Equity, Austal USA, Biogeneral Inc, Neyenesch Printers, Design Line Interiors, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, San Diego Magazine, and the Puffer Malarkey Collective.

Aside from these local and regional projects, I have extensive experience working on US/Mexico border-related shoots, including the Cross Border Express (CBX) and the San Ysidro East Border Crossing facility.

I am proud of the work we do, but I am most proud of the fact that my clients feel I am exceptionally easy to work with. I believe a solid relationship is the key to any successful project outcome.

While photography is my primary passion I do occasionally step away from the lens. When I do, you might find me playing or seeing music at a local venue, reading a book in my favorite chair, or listening to a record on the hi-fi.

Let's get in touch!

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